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Bison Burgers

Bison Burgers – No Beef About It

Grilled, incredibly seasoned and tender Bison Burgers top delicately with Gruyere and caramelized onions will add all that is missing from your game days.

By 4th and Grub


1st Down Sausage and Peppers

Sweet and Hot Italian Sausage married closely with colorful and incredibly tasty yet fresh Peppers and Onions --- A Dish that's immensely easy to prepare and even easier for your entire team to enjoy. No scoring drive is complete without 1st Down Peppers and Sausage.

By 4th and Grub


Smoked Gouda Stuffed Meatballs Over Veggie Rice

Where there's smoke there's flavor and this Smoked Gouda Stuffed Meatball dish is no different as it partners incredibly well with tasty seasoned veggie rice to create a hearty and delicious dish that is certain to satisfy.

By 4th and Grub


Mama B’s Kickin’ Chicken Parm

You say you've had Chicken Parm? Well I say you truly haven't until you've blessed your soul with Mama B's Kickin' Chicken Parm.

A myriad of unique and creative flavors, seasonings and flavor gifts of heavenly proportions, delicately brought together with a bit of tradition on delicious levels of extreme tastiness.

You want this. I know you want it. No one will judge you - maybe.

By 4th and Grub

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What’s up Brah-ts

Grill + Brats + game-day = Yes.

Brats topped off with well seasoned seared onions and brought together delicately and in tasty fashion, with a warm soft bun. It's the perfect treat for any game-day, especially yours.

By 4th and Grub


Crab Cakes with Pimento Sauce

Delicate, light and scrumptious crab cakes should have a place on every sports fans menu. Behold; a relatively simple and authentic crab cake recipe topped off with an unique yet incredibly tasty pimento sauce. Enjoy at your own risk.

By 4th and Grub

Pulled Pork Recipe - 4th and Grub, LLC

Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Sandwich with Slaw

Slow cooked pull pork sandwiches are always a hit, but our pull pork sandwiches are topped with our Booming BBQ Sauce and will undoubtedly remain undefeated forever. Simple preparation along with awesome results = Yes.

By 4th and Grub


Good Mornin Potatoes and Eggs

Early morning tailgating never tasted so good. Get the sporting festivities started early with this delicious and refreshing spin on the breakfast sandwich.

By 4th and Grub


Pass The Pasta Salad

Every main dish needs a versatile sidekick and this traditional pasta salad is perfect for the partnership. Fresh ingredients and delicious tastes brought together to complete that tailgating meal.

By 4th and Grub

Corn Bead Salad - 4th and Grub

Black Bean and Corn Salad

A simple, quick and refreshing compliment to any of our main tailgating dishes. Incorporating fresh and mouth pleasing ingredients that marry well with any grilled meat. Prepare and enjoy.

By 4th and Grub