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  • Seattle Seahawks vs. New York Jets
  • Metlife Stadium
  • Sunday, October 2, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Parking Lot L7

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This Week’s Charity – Most Valuable Kids

Most Valuable Kids of Greater New York, Inc. (MVK) brings this inspiration to underserved kids in the New York Metropolitan Area. MVK does this by offering children’s organizations access to cultural events, professional and collegiate sports and entertainment events through an online ticket donation and reward system.



Challenging the misconception that Food, Fans and Sports are nothing more than just three separate words which commercially defines three separate variables of the sports experience.

Sharing what we believe to be the embodiment of a much bigger concept which derives its spirit from FOOD.   FANS.   SPORTS.  collectively, honestly and wholeheartedly.


Better Gourmet Health Kitchen

Better Gourmet Health Kitchen’s food is fresh and quite flavorful.  Our Motto is JUST EAT BETTER!



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1st Down Sausage and Peppers

Sweet and Hot Italian Sausage married closely with colorful and incredibly tasty yet fresh Peppers and Onions --- A Dish that's immensely easy to prepare and even easier for your entire team to enjoy. No scoring drive is complete without 1st Down Peppers and Sausage.

By 4th and Grub

Bison Burgers

Bison Burgers – No Beef About It

Grilled, incredibly seasoned and tender Bison Burgers top delicately with Gruyere and caramelized onions will add all that is missing from your game days.

By 4th and Grub


Pass The Pasta Salad

Every main dish needs a versatile sidekick and this traditional pasta salad is perfect for the partnership. Fresh ingredients and delicious tastes brought together to complete that tailgating meal.

By 4th and Grub


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The Altruistic Run Under The Sun

The Altruistic Run Under The Sun

Running consistently without being in adequate shape is a great way to get nowhere pretty quickly.  Running consistently while not just being in shape physically but also mentally, is a great way to reach your intended destination, goal and ultimately the finish line despite the obstacles.  The finish line, the destination and the goals --- these are all different for each of [...]   Continue Reading
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Do You Know Connor Rogers?

Do You Know Connor Rogers?

Do You Know Connor Rogers? ~~~~~~~~~~ There are more than a few ways a fanatic such as myself can thoroughly enjoy the game of football. But, no matter how I find myself enjoying the game, I’ve always considered myself a consistently growing and maturing student of the game.  As a student of the game, every […]

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2016 NFL Season Preview: AFC East

2016 NFL Season Preview: AFC East

AFC East The Champs: New Patriots TE Martellus Bennett will look to team with Rob Gronkowski to help fuel that Pats passing attack. The Patriots have owned this division for over a decade -- close to fifteen years of dominance. Their 2016 season outlook suggests that they have as great a chance as any of their [...]   Continue Reading
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Film Review: Concussion

Film Review: Concussion

“Concussion” is a movie that the NFL doesn’t want you to see, because the film goes at the NFL’s attempts to hide and diminish the issue of head injuries. Does it go far enough? Every few years or so, we are presented with a film that attempts to take on major corporations and issues in “hard hitting” […]

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Better Gourmet Health KitchenSponsor:  Better Gourmet Health Kitchen

Better Gourmet Health Kitchen’s food is fresh and quite flavorful.  Our Motto is JUST EAT BETTER!


With three locations in Staten Island NY, these small, sleekly modern spaces in orange, white and gray bills itself as a “gourmet health kitchen” serving breakfast, salads, wraps, smoothies, sandwiches, soups, dinner entrees and dessert.